What Makes Us Different

Only selling 6 per month (1.4 per week) on average1
Currently selling around 300 properties per month (70 per week during 2014) = much more successful in selling our clients properties
90 days taken to achieve the average sale on the minority that are actually sold2
Selling many more properties and much quicker ─most properties selling in around 4-8 weeks
Be wary, many employ numerous Additional Fees (e.g. Exit/Additional Advertising/ Marketing/ Viewing Fees and some are even upfront fees!)
No Sale, No Estate Agency Fee plus very competitive fees for a Premium Service
Properties are often unrealistically and badly priced simply to get your property on the books, not helping to sell it ─very common-place
Properties are priced correctly in order to achieve a sale and are priced in order to sell within the timeframes stipulated by our Sellers
Properties are often over-valued or incorrectly valued allowing false expectations = much more wasted time + money
Properties are valued correctly
They use local branches to help win new business in from Sellers but local branches are actually quite limited in their ability to actually sell your property ─Around 90% of successful homemovers now find their properties via the Internet, with a large proportion of the remaining successes coming via For Sale boards
Nationwide (covering England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) and centrally located to maximise efficiency and success─it is a very common misconception that local branches are needed to succeed ─local branches are best for getting your business on their books not for selling houses
Often use much more limited advertising campaigns, sometimes only focusing on offering a local presence for more local enquiries ─ with much more limited online advertising
Unrivalled and enormous online advertising (local and national) = vast presence and ability to capture (better than any other Agent) the 90% or so of successful homemovers who now find their property via the Internet
Limited local advertising often delivers very limited success
National advertising to capture the 'out-of-town' Buyers who account for a significant proportion of most Estate Agencies sales
Opening hours usually limited to normal working hours, and some days/ half days at weekends = much more limited and less of a service
24/7 Enquiry Line (UK-based Freephone) meaning we will never miss an enquiry
Limited local advertising often delivers very limited success
National advertising to capture the 'out-of-town' Buyers who account for a significant proportion of most Estate Agencies sales
Often allow too many time-wasting and non-proceedable Buyers (i.e. those with properties still to sell or without finance in-place) to view your property
Only deal with potential Buyers in a position to proceed ─block viewings are also regularly carried out
Often not at all suitable for those looking for quicker than normal sales ─ simply not their core business
Specialist and tailor-made service for those wanting to test the market or actually sell now ─ we are also able to offer progressive and quick conveyancing services
Around 75% is often all you will realistically achieve
Achieve up to 100% of your property's value AND very quickly if needed
Huge financial loss in comparison due to the huge discount (c.25%) you must sell your property at via this route for it to be worthwhile for a professional investor
COMPETITIVE Estate Agency Fee payable for a Premium Service allowing you to achieve up to 100% of full market value ─ on average achieve 25% more
Unregulated at present
Regulated by the Property Ombudsman Service.
Acting IN THEIR OWN best interests for the best deal possible
Acting in the best interests of YOU the Seller
The vast majority of enquiries are turned away
Can help most interested parties/div>
High fall-out rates but 4-6 week completions otherwise realistic
Most properties selling in around 4-8 weeks, but much quicker where necessary, plus quick completions common-place
Only Mainstream therefore offering the many failings of the majority of the struggling Estate Agency industry, sadly disappointing a great amount of their Sellers
Much greater levels of service and sales success achieved plus far quicker ─ we are also able to offer very successful and progressive conveyancing services
Many demand Upfront Estate Agency Fees or 'Listing Fees' = NOT SUCCESS DRIVEN if this is the case, BEWARE
'No Sale No Fee' = No Upfront Estate Agency Fee
Many often only offer a Listing Only Service ─ if you are left to do all of the negotiating and conveyancing it can lead to lower amounts achieved plus many difficulties and a much higher proportion of private sales sadly fall through
Full and Comprehensive Estate Agency Service ALWAYS PROVIDED
Some unable to use the best portals for the best possible promotion and advertising, therefore only offering low levels of buyer traffic
Enormous Online Advertising
Some offer more limited coverage and usefulness
Superb nationwide coverage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland/div>
None, we are aware of, offer this great additional benefit
24/7 Enquiry Line for great contact and enhanced sales
Many are often of insignificant size and success at present
Succeeding extremely well for our clients
Many incorporate many additional costs and fees to their headline grabbing rates
No extra costs or fees